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We offer simple monthly billing that’s less expensive than full -time or even part time bookkeepers. You’ll save a bundle!

You're a name... Not a number

We advise with ​an eye
​towards long-term growth.

Simple Monthly Contract

We offer simple month to month bookkeeping services that doesn’t lock you in for months on end.


​​We take our client’s privacy extremely seriously. We have strict privacy and data protection policies protecting all of our clients. We use the most advanced data encryption systems available.

Monthly Reports

Having up to date financial documents if a corner stone of a well run business. We provide monthly financial documents, as well as monthly briefings to help you understand what’s changed.

Dedicated Support

​​Bookkeeping is a relationship business, so we don’t want you to be a strangers. We are happy to answer any questions you have!


We offer full service bookkeeping exclusively to real estate investors.

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Flat Rate

We don’t waste your
money on idle work.

CFO & Advisory

We advise with ​an eye
​towards long-term growth.

No Annual Contracts

Providing the best service to
​keep earning your business.


We don’t share your business
​information with anyone.

Monthly Reports

​​​On the dot delivery of your Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flows.

​​Hear from us within 2 business ​hours of your inquiry.

Providing the best service to
​keep earning your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Think of the difference the same way you’d think of a doctor and a nurse. A doctor focuses on the bigger picture, diagnoses diseases, and treatment options. A nurse focuses on specific patient care and does more of the “grunt” work that doctors typically don’t do.

 Similarly, a CPA considers the larger overall bigger picture of a company’s financial structure and tax filings. A bookkeeper focuses on the client’s specific financial records. Their primary area of concern is managing the day-to-day accounting of a business and often have a better idea of the financial health of their client’s business. Like doctors and nurses, CPAs and bookkeepers compliment each other and should be a foundation of your business team. It’s important to note that a CPA “doing your books” and a bookkeeper “doing your books” may have significant differences. A CPA focuses primarily on taxes. In many cases, a CPA may be inexperienced when it comes to even basic bookkeeping practices

In the same way that buying a new car is more popular than building one yourself. You get a new car that’s really to go on day one, and you’ll spend less in the long run.

A typical in-house bookkeeper, a good one, is going to run you about $4,000 a month, that’s just base salary. That doesn’t include payroll taxes, supplies, or benefits. Meanwhile, your books get parked on that back burner while you interview, hire, train, and handhold a new bookkeeper for several weeks until they’re able to work without near constant supervision, and several months until they’ve cleared the backlog.   

A virtual bookkeeper is ready to hit the ground running. They don’t need training, materials, office space, or even benefits. They procure their supplies and can work on your business from almost anywhere with an internet connection. Additionally, since you’re dealing with a professional business owner like yourself, we understand that we need to continuously provide value to you to maintain the business relationship. That means that you don’t have to waste time babysitting and handholding. All of this results in significant cost savings and a huge value add to you.

YES! We specialize in cleanups. We will work with you on obtaining all the information needed and get your books up to date for you quickly. If taxes have been done, we usually recommend not wasting money and just working on cleaning up the year taxes have not been filed. 


We get this question a lot so we figured we should put this on our FAQ page. Here’s the deal, you wouldn’t offer a price to a client until you know exactly what they needed. Well, neither do we. During our initial consultation, we spend a lot of time getting to know you, your business, and how we can help to bring you the greatest value for our services. We will say this, we’re not cheap. The least we charge is $500 a month for our services, and most clients with an established business can expect to see around $800 a month as the fee. Sticker shock? Yeah, we get it. But you’ll be paying an easy $4,000 a month for an in-house bookkeeper. For less than a quarter of that price, you get a seasoned professional bookkeeper on your team that’s able to hit the ground running with a minimal amount of hand-holding from you. We’re expensive and proud of it. That’s because we’re very good at what we do, and the value we bring to the table. We’re proud of that too. 

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Anita Poulton

Co-Founder / Bookkeeper

Hi! I’m Anita Poulton, and I’m one of your Bookkeepers with Mitra Bookkeeping. I was born in Dubai, but I came to the United States to attend University. I spent 14 years in the Insurance industry as an underwriter. During that time I was also the bookkeeper for my family business. 

Andy Poulton

Co-Founder / Bookkeeper

Hello! I’m Andy Poulton and I’m a another one of your bookkeepers with Mitra Bookkeeping. I grew up in Chicago, Illinois, but I spent most of my time in Europe. My professional training has been in aviation, but I spend most of my days helping Anita run her business. 

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